Zee TV ‘Piya Albela’ Show Pair Sheen Das and Akshay Mhatre in new look

MUMBAI—Zee TV’s well known fiction dramatization, “Piyaa Albela” has been drawing in groups of onlookers with its fascinating storyline and intriguing characters. Naren (Akshay Mhatre’s) and Pooja (Sheen Das’) relationship will take an uncommon turn as the show is set to take a period jump wherein Naren will be seen wearing the part of a government official and Pooja will discover comfort in the organization of prostitutes after she leaves the Vyas Mansion.

Following the jump, Naren will be viewed as a smooth and effective legislator with a stern approach towards life. Persuaded that Chandrika is the underlying driver behind his mom’s evil wellbeing, he chooses to dispose of mistresses from society by making their life hopeless. Pooja then again, will be seen moving out of the Vyas house into Chandrika (Jaya Binju’s) haveli. She will live among different prostitutes and work towards instructing them and showing them subjects like English and Maths.

Pooja will likewise be found in a totally unique symbol, brandishing rich sarees and Indian wear. Her principle rationale, while living with the mistresses, will be to overcome any issues amongst Naren and his genuine mother, in this way bringing them nearer.

Mhatre stated, “As the show takes a jump, it will enter another stage and I will be more capable and unfeeling than any other time in recent memory. To get ready for this persona, I have watched a few universal shows like “Place of Cards” and “The Blacklist” for reference. I trust that they appreciate and cherish this part of my character also.”

Das included, “The show and its fascinating storyline never stops to shock me, and I am extremely anticipating this energizing new storyline. I trust the group of onlookers will appreciate watching me in this new part.”