Kathua rape case activists fear delay in justice and communalisation

Communal activists and political workers of BJP in Jammu are trying to color this heinous crime a communal or political color.

The legal advisors made adjusts on the back of trucks, conveying the Tricolor and bamboo sticks. They were joined by specialists of political gatherings, and at whatever point they saw a vehicle handling on the streets, they requested that the driver get off the street. The strike in Jammu was called by Kathua Bar Association and Jammu Bar Association against the state police wrongdoing branch, which is examining instance of 8-year-old Asifa Bano, who agents say was quieted, assaulted for quite a long time, tormented and afterward killed.

Sanji Ram, a resigned authority of the income division is accepted to have engineered the grievous wrongdoing to make fear among the wanderer ‘Bakarwal’ (goatherd) group in the town so they could be pushed out. He is the caretaker of the sanctuary where the young lady was purportedly held in imprisonment.

On Wednesday morning, legal advisors in dark coats and white shirts were seen ceasing vehicles, closing down shops in Old City and Gandhi Nagar, Dogra Chowk, Kathu and Samba, and shutting the National Highway associating Jammu with New Delhi.

“We required a strike on the grounds that the wrongdoing branch officers taking care of the case are from Kashmir, and they don’t have a decent reputation. That is the reason we need a CBI request”, said BS Salathia, president, Jammu Bar Association.

Himanshu Sharma, an attorney situated in Kathua, who was a piece of the dissents against the wrongdoing branch, revealed to Firstpost the Bar individuals needed the genuine offenders got and hanged. He said their request of giving over the case to CBI is authentic, and that there was no issue when Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti correspondingly requested a CBI test in the 2009 Shopian assault and murder case.

“We have four requests,” Sharma stated, “We need a CBI request, we need the Rohingya Muslims to be tossed of Jammu, Nowshera ought to be pronounced a locale, and the minutes of the gatherings of the inborn office—held with Mufti—ought to be struck off, in light of the fact that they are hostile to Hindu.” The main two associations that declined to help the bandh are Kashmir Transporters Welfare Association and Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “We will dissent till these requests are not met”, Sharma stated, including every one of the zones where the Bar required a bandh had been effective.

Rakesh Gupta, president, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the issues raised by Jammu Bar are sub-judice and have no importance when a high court judge is observing the wrongdoing branch examination. “She was a minor young lady and mercilessly killed. The individuals who carried out wrongdoing ought to be put behind the bars. We don’t bolster any criminal”, Gupta said. “We love Lakshmi and Durga. We can’t communalise assault and murder of 8-year-old young lady Asifa. It’s a terrible wrongdoing. The culprits, be it Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, whoever they are, ought to be rebuffed”, he included.

On Monday, legal advisors endeavored to keep the wrongdoing branch from documenting chargesheet for the situation. Following 82 days of careful examination, a unique group of the wrongdoing branch has put forth a defense of intrigue, hijacking, wrongful control, pack assault, murder and pulverization of confirmation against the charged.

Specialists said the criminals choked the casualty. Asifa disappeared from her home in Rassana town in Kathua on 10 January and her body was found on 17 January. Sanji Ram, his child Vishal and minor nephew, Deepak Khajuria and Surender Verma of Hiranagar police headquarters, sub-investigator Anand Dutta, head constable Tilak Raj and Parvesh Kumar, a regular citizen, have been named in the chargesheet by the wrongdoing branch.

Smash sorted out a rally under the standard of ‘Hindu Ekta Manch’, a conservative gathering, after the policemen were captured. The nonconformists flew Indian banners and two pastors of Jammu and Kashmir government took an interest in a rally to request the arrival of the denounced. Dutta, Raj and Verma have been blamed for obliterating proof, including washing the casualty’s blood-drenched garments. The Jammu and Kashmir Police held up a FIR against the legal counselors for deterring the documenting of the charge sheet, SP Vaid, the Director General of Police, said.

Ancestral rights lobbyist, Talib Hussain, who was at first captured by police for challenging the murder and hindering the expressway, said it was sheer “hooliganism” by legal counselors, first to protest against the recording of chargesheet, and after that requiring a bandh to assemble the greater part group against tribals, who have been living close by Hindus for a considerable length of time. He said the attorneys need to move the case to CBI to shield the offenders.

They will make it a political issue and in this equity will be deferred for the casualty”.